Lightning Protection LPI Guardian

Lightning Protection LPI Guardian

  • LPI Product Offering
    Lightning Protection International Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive range of products and services as part of its complete solution to your lightning problems. These products cover direct strike protection, surge and transient protection and earthing solutions.
    • Range of lightning air terminals and accessories
    • Surge and transient protection products for powerlines, data,
    communications and signal lines
    • EXOWELD range of exothermic welding products
    • Earth rods and accessories including earth enhancing

LPI’s GuardianTM System 5
LPI offers a family of air terminals and accessories. Our product
design is based on the most recent advances in the field whilst
maintaining proven principles associated with the successes of
the past.
LPI’s GuardianTM System 5 provides a purpose-designed package
for direct lightning protection.

  • A Family of LPI CAT (Controlled Advanced Triggering) series air terminals.
  • A Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) mast which provides an insulated mast for mounting of LPI CAT series air terminals.
  • A purpose designed LPI High Voltage Shielded Cable (HVSC) specifically designed for the conveying of lightning energy to ground. Alternatively, depending on the local codes and applications, other materials such as flat copper tape or stranded cable may be used.
  • LPI Lightning Strike Recorder (LSR) which confirms system efficiency and effectiveness.
  • An earthing system consisting of earth rods, clamps, copper tapes and earth enhancing compounds such as LPI Ground Resistance Improvement Powder (GRIP) or LPI Reslo.

Terminals LPI Guardian™ CAT series terminals consist of

  • A finial with a blunt tip
  • An electrically “floating” medium consisting of 4 electrically isolated panels
  • A triggering procedure which allows for an intercepting streamer to be released at the correct time, thus providing the greatest possible area of protection
  • A high voltage connection at the base of the finial
Other Product
- Ligthning protection System EF
- Solar Street lamp

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