Apa yang di maksud Isolasi Spark Gap

Apa yang di maksud dengan Isolasi Spark Gap ?

Apa yang di maksud spark gap ? adalah sistem berbasis gas pengosongan dengan sistem konduktor pada spare part dengan komponen pengosngan yang berjarak dengan sistem isolasi.

Catatan : Pada saat terjadi sambaran petir , installaso secara temprorari akan menjadi konduktor dan menghasilkan respon terhadap  pelepasan muatan.

2. Fungsi isolasi spark gap

2- Isolating Spark Gap Function:

– Isolating spark gaps have been specially designed to isolate the electrical system for equipotential bonding connection (especially for the separated grounding systems for applying in Hazardous / Explosive Areas with Safer Lightning Impluse Protection), and TSTLP European Ex/ATEX directive certified isolating spark gap is one of the imperative device in surge protection as it serves the cathodic protection in oil and gas pipeline and the Cathodic surge protection device protects the equipment from corrosion. It works against the lightning and switching surges.

3- What is the Isolation Spark Gap used for ?

TSTLP Isolating Spark Gaps (ISG) are mainly used for lightning equipotential bonding Connection, Ex Areas for indirectly connecting/grounding/earthing functionally isolated installation parts under lightning conditions.

Isolating spark gaps for above-ground(above earth) & under-ground(under-earth) installation that are used to indirectly earth and connect functionally isolated parts of installations under lightning/surge conditions.

4- How isolating spark gap works (Working Principle):

– During normal operation, these high-impedance components act as open switches and ensure electrical isolation between pipe sections and earth/groud potential. If there is a voltage increase, the isolating spark gap changes to very low impedance – and at a defined response voltage, the switch’ is closed.

Also refer isolating spark gap as spark gap surge protection or spark gap surge arrester or spark gap lightning protection.

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