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LEC (LIGHTNING EVEN COUNTER) sebagai alat penghitung sambarang petir yang di pasang di grounding


AccessoriesLEC (Lightning Even Counter) dari Eritech merupakan sebagian dari jalur yang menjadi pelengkap proteksi dari Erico dan terdaftar sebagai penghitung jumlah sambaran petir yang melewati kabel dan ke grounding. Dasarnya LEC-IV teknologi merupakan output sebagai monitoring aktivitas sambarang.


The device consists of a standard LEC-IV counter with an optic fiber output, a length of interconnecting optic fiber and a remote monitoring device that mounts to DIN rail. The interconnecting 1,000 µm fiber cable requires no special termination tools and uses simple push and screw-in terminals. The optic fiber provides galvanic isolation between the lightning downconductor and the remote monitoring device. Powered from a 9 to 12 VDC supply, the remote monitoring device provides an easily interfaced relay closure output. Although the relay output is normally open, it closes for 2.5 seconds to indicate a lightning strike. The clean, pre-determined-duration contact closure eliminates relay chatter that might otherwise occur.

After the downconductor has been fixed into place, the LEC IVR may be mounted at any location on the downconductor route between the terminal and grounding system. Choose a secure area that is not prone to contact with moving objects, theft or vandalism. If the LEC-IVR is to be encased in an additional enclosure, ensure that it is mounted to enable easy access to the display. The LEC IV can be mounted at any point on the downconductor or at the injection point of the grounding system.


  • Registers and records the number of strikes
  • Features proven LEC-IV technology
  • Allows for remote monitoring of the lightning count activity
  • Interconnecting cable requires no special  termination tools
  • Enclosure rating NEMA-6 (IP67)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)

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